Workshop Structure


Each panel consists of two papers and is going to proceed as follows:

- Brief introduction of the speakers by the chair

- 10-minute presentation of each paper. We kindly ask you to keep to the time limit

- 15-minute breakout sessions: We will start discussing the papers in smaller groups. This is a chance to collect and combine questions and comments regarding the papers. It is also a chance to get to know each other. The two speakers, the chair, and the zoom hosts will remain in the main room.

- 25-minute plenary session: questions and comments collected in the breakout rooms can now be discussed with the speakers

- The workshop will open on Wednesday with a brief welcome by the organizers and conclude on Thursday with a short general discussion



Zoom/Tech Support


- You have to register on Zoom in order to participate

- If possible, please join us with your camera switched on

- Please only unmute your microphone when you speak

- Zoom usually works best if you download the zoom client and if it is updated to the latest version

- If you have any technical questions during the zoom meetings, please address them to Claudia Jandl (or alternatively to our student assistants Franziska Werner and Alexander Hass).

- If you are unable to enter the zoom meeting you can also email them: (or